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Toilet Partitions

When it comes right down to it, toilet partitions have a very simple and straightforward purpose. In this respect, they are a functional product, and when they are properly maintained, should last for a very long time. If you are in the market for commercial toilet partitions, you may want to check out Knickerbocker Partition Corporation's extensive line of partitions for superior quality, durability, and style.

Knickerbocker manufactures their four different models of toilet partitions from five different types of materials. They differ mainly in elevation, but they also feature subtle differences in style. The Knickerbocker models include: Empire (ceiling hung), Gramercy (floor to ceiling), New Yorker (floor mounted), and Metropolitan (floor mounted, headrail braced). Which style you ultimately decide to install will depend largely on your facility and the particular look that you are trying to achieve.

Metropolitan style toilet partitions are the most popular of the four styles. One of the main draws of the Metropolitan is its ultra-sturdy construction and the fact that this style of toilet partition is extremely versatile being able to be installed in any type of construction. Empire, with its sleek ceiling hung design, and New Yorker, with its streamlined floor mounted design, are two architectural favorites. If you are installing toilet partitions in a "vandal-prone" area, you might want to consider the extremely sturdy Gramercy style of partitions.

All of their styles are available in: powder coated baked enamel steel, stainless steel, textured stainless steel, plastic laminate, phenolic solid core plastic and polyethylene (HDPE) solid plastic.

Not All Partitions Are Created Equal
When it comes to toilet partitions, it really is true that all things are not created equal. Knickerbocker Partition Corporation has been manufacturing toilet partitions since 1951, and their longevity can be attributed to the quality product that they put out. They pride themselves on excellent and speedy customer service, and are readily available to answer any and all installation concerns you might have.

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