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Urinal Screens

Urinal screens are not a topic that is likely to come up in most casual conversations. The truth is though, that urinal screens perform a very practical function. They provide privacy and convenience in public restrooms.

Most are familiar with the standard style of urinal screen, but some may not know that there are commercial restroom partition manufacturers out there who offer the consumer a little variety. Knickerbocker Partition Corporation, for example has a few different styles of urinal screen to choose from, each one possessing the type of simple grace that has made Knickerbocker a world leader in its field.

On the simple side of things, Knickerbocker offers the WH or "wall hung" urinal screen. This model is a classic design that simply bolts onto the wall. If you are looking for something a little fancier, you might opt for the PS, or "post supported" urinal screen. This model features a double support system that makes use of a post attached to the floor. Both styles offer easy access to the floor so that cleanup is unobstructed and simple. In addition to these two styles, Knickerbocker also offers urinal screens in wall hung flange, wedge screen cantilever, entrance screen, and floor supported screen models.

Which Material Would You Like?
One of the big bonuses of working with a company like Knickerbocker Partition Corporation is that they offer a wide variety of partition materials to choose from. You can get urinal screens composed of any one of their sturdy, easy-to-clean materials: powder coated baked enamel steel, stainless steel, textured stainless steel, plastic laminate, phenolic, and Plastique SP (HDPE). The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Knickerbocker is more than happy to help answer any questions or concerns you might have concerning urinal screen styles and materials, and the installation process.

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